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First Advisor

Dr. Andrew Kline

Second Advisor

Dr. Peter E. Parker

Third Advisor

Dr. Betsy M. Aller


The purpose of this project was to develop a production process for the chemical compound melengestrol acetate which can take advantage of newly developed chemistry. This task entailed assessing chemical properties, determining suitable materials of construction, developing multiple process alternatives, analyzing associated expenses, and recommending a suitable solution.

Perhaps the most crucial compound required to carry out the new chemistry is the solid polymerpoly-4-vinyl pyridine (PVP). Alternative designs were developed for this portion of the production process which included two simple filtration options which employed a granular form of the polymer and a packed column alternative that used a bead form of the polymer. The simple filtration variants included one option which utilized equipment already in place, and another which required an existing stirred tank vessel be converted into a filter via a custom filtration element.

An economic analysis was performed for each of the three proposed solutions using a 20 year straight line depreciation schedule, a tax rate of 39 percent, and a 20 percent MAR. A $265,000 annual income was calculated based entirely on the increased sales due to the improved yield obtained from the improved chemistry at an annual production rate of six lots produced each year. The purchase of PVP was evaluated as a one time expense in year zero totaling $60,000 and $67,000 for the packed column and simple filtration options respectively. The only other expense consisted of demolition costs required for the packed column option, which was approximately $250,000. The results of the economic analysis proved that the simple filtration variant which utilizes the existing equipment FILT 1093 is the most economically viable option with a TCI of $9,309 and a ROI of 2650%.

Based on the outcomes of the investigations performed over the course of this project,we recommend that the chemistry currently used to produce melengestrol acetate be replaced with the newly developed chemistry. To facilitate the production of the compound using the new chemistry, we recommend using the FILT 1093 option. The FILT 1093 option has the lowest cost associated with its implementation as well as the highest return on investment.


The bulk of the manuscript associated with this thesis contains proprietary information from the company sponsor, and is not available for dissemination to the general public. If you wish to know more about this thesis, please contact the thesis advisor, Dr. Kline, at the address below. Depending on your needs and interests, parts oft his thesis may be available to be released to you for review. Dr. Andrew Kline Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering Office: A220 Parkview Campus Office phone: (269)276-3516 E-mail:

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only