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Civil and Construction Engineering


This senior capstone design project was a two-semester long venture that began last fall with the formation of the team, the selection of the sponsored project, and the conclusion of a proposal. The purpose of the proposal was for the senior design team to display a thorough understanding of the project's scope of work and to declare the deliverables agreed upon by the team. The team began contact with the sponsor, Hurley &Stewart, prior to beginning the proposal writing in order to gain more details about the project at hand and to ask any questions. The team chose to add a few more areas to focus on, based on the personal interests of each member. The team drew up a production work plan as a guideline to follow in the achievement of their milestone deliverables. This production work plan was organized to allow for adjustments if the team found themselves behind schedule at any time in the later semester. This production work plan can be seen in Appendix 1. Once the proposal was accepted, the team began researching zoning, permits with the city of Portage, and the building site. With building setbacks known, two parking lot layouts, one connected to the neighboring lot and the other completely separate, were rendered and graded by hand using cut/fill methods. After some consideration, the team chose to go forth with the connected lot scenario. The sponsor then assisted the team in completing a grading plan using the parking lot layout utilizing computer software. Utilities and storm water storage design were then performed. The team also chose to deliver a couple typical footing designs for the proposed building. The team also thought it was necessary to analyze the impact that the proposed building would have on the surrounding area through means of a traffic impact study.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access