Date of Defense

Summer 6-5-1973


Biological Sciences




The results of experimentation approximately twenty years ago with variuos bacteriophages by Ralston and Krueger16, Anderson and Felix1, Luria and Human12, and by Bertani and Weigle2 have shown that the host range of a given phage depends directly on the bacterial strain on which the phage has last propagated. This event came to be known as host-induced modification or host-controlled variation. As this phage host range is controlled by the host environment and can be altered from one generation to another it has, according to Luria, made microbiology "the last stronghold of Lamarckism"11. This paper explores the groundwork research laid on the study of bacteriophages, and also provides procedures used to investigate the bacteriophate Lambda.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access