Date of Defense



Comparative Religion

First Advisor

Dr. Nancy Falk

Second Advisor

Dr. Erika Loeffler

Third Advisor

Dr. Stephanie Gauper


Wicca is a construction of memories through which women have recreated and continue to recreate their world. Wiccans replace the misogynist discourse of patriarchy with their own empowering discourse by drawing from historical and contemporary crosscultural sources. By changing the myths they change the landscape of their minds; for the patriarchal stories about women are not only demeaning, but they can destroy a women's sense of self-worth unless discovered and replaced. Wicca is an attempt by contemporary women to attain power through Goddess worship, by creating and enacting ritual, and by observing the traditional solar seasonal holy days and monthly lunar celebrations of full and new moon.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only