Date of Defense


First Advisor

Dr. Dennis VandenBrink


A belt-driven conveyor that is currently being produced is limited to production in lengths of 200 feet by the strength of the drive belt. Tension in the belt resulting from friction with air actuators can reach allowable limits at conveyor lengths near 200 feet. Two new configurations for the conveyor drive have been designed that are capable of powering 300 feet of conveyor. These designs each utilize a single drive motor and a double-shafted speed reducer to power two belts instead of one. The designs use the same or similar components as the model in production. One design was chosen for complete analysis based on the lower projected cost of its implementation.


This report represents the work done by myself Lee Black, and Chad Pung, for ME 480, Senior Design Project. It also fulfills my Senior Thesis requirement for the Lee Honors College. Chad is not a member of the Lee Honors College. The work was equally divided, and Chad should receive equal credit for his part in the project's completion.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only