Date of Defense


First Advisor

Dr. Iskender Sahin

Second Advisor

Dr. Richard Hathaway


I can still remember back in high school when I was faced with a decision thousands of students experience every year: What college was I going to choose, and what major was I going to study? It seemed like every time I saw friends and relatives they asked me that question. Meanwhile, I knew that going to a major university would give me more choices in case I changed majors. As it turned out, Western Michigan University was the best package for me when I considered the financial aid, the program ofmy major, location of the university, and its friendly atmosphere. One thing that I did not base my choice on was whether or not my friends were going to the same school. Nevertheless, at some point in my senior year at Churchill High School, I had decided to pursue a major in computer science (CS). I knew my way around the computer, and had done some minimal programming in BASIC, a computer language. I also looked at the salary of a computer science graduate, which was a very respectable figure. My curiosity led me to check one more thing, and that was the job forecasting for CS after four or five years. The job market looked very promising. What a mistake that turned out to be.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access