Date of Defense


First Advisor

Dr. Philip Guichelaar


The need for a newly designed miniature hydraulic power unit has received the attention of Parker-Hannifin Hydraulic Pump/Motor Division. The current power unit is no longer marketable due to the associated costs and its relative size. As a result, a miniature hydraulic power unit has been designed, the culmination to the engineering curriculum at Western Michigan University. In order to increase the overall marketability and to reduce production costs, a transparent plastic reservoir has been incorporated into the design. An appropriate polymer has been chosen to meet the design requirements and finite element analysis has been used to verify the design's structural stability over its life. The miniature hydraulic power unit design should provide a significant cost reduction over the current unit and an overall length reduction of 20% has been realized.


Company Advisor: Parker-Hannifin, Hydraulic Pump/Motor Division

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access