Date of Defense


First Advisor

Dr. Judah Ari-Gur

Second Advisor

Sandra Roellchen, Roco Incorporated


A device was created that will enable a patient who is suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy to have more control over his life. Because of this debilitating disease, the subject is confined to a wheelchair. Muscle strength in the upper extremities has nearly become non existent. The subject has no control of the left arm. In order to gain muscle control and movement of the right arm, the patient must rely on caregivers to support the elbow in an elevated position above the shoulder. The device, which is attached to an existing wheelchair, will elevate the right arm and tilt it towards the face. The device consists of a wraparound lapboard that is mounted onto a spring-loaded cylinder. The cylinder is attached to the present armrest and a section of the lapboard has been cut in order to tilt the arm. Analysis of the device has been performed with the use of Pro-Engineer and the finite element analysis software ANSYS. This software was used in order to confirm that the design would withstand predictable stresses without failure. A working model was built to ensure that the patient could use the designed attachment.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only