Date of Defense


First Advisor

Dr. James Kamman

Second Advisor

Charles M. Reynolds, Armstrong International, Inc.

Third Advisor

Tim Totten, Armstrong International, Inc.


The Mechanical Pumping Trap, an energy conservation tool of Armstrong International, uses a mechanical valve switching mechanism to pump hot liquid condensate back to the boiler. This process reduces the fuel and energy costs associated with producing steam. The boiler water make-up, sewage treatment and chemical treatment costs are also reduced. The pump utilizes inexpensive steam, air, or gas for operation and has no seals, motors, impellers, or electric components, which frequently fail. However, after one to two million cycles, the system can fail. This failure occurs when the valve switching mechanism does not have enough torque from the float arm to overcome the torque of the spring and friction at the pivot point. This project analyzes the current system and proposes are designed to increase the effectiveness of the buoyancy of the float. This new design can increase the number of cycles to failure.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only