Date of Defense


First Advisor

Dr. Daniel Kujawski

Second Advisor

Dr. Richard Hathaway

Third Advisor

John Lobo, Eaton Corporation


The root cause of an automatic shifting wet clutch transmission bearing failure was identified. This bearing allows relative motion between the pump coupler and the transmission input shaft. The bearings are lubricated through fluid supplied by the pump. Experimentation was used to baseline the current production condition and to verify the proposed solution. Fluid flow over the components of interest was simulated using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. The drag and pressure forces acting on the bearing were found using CFD software and were compared to analytical calculations. Due to the experimental, computational, and analytical results, the design solution that was found was to change the thrust washer from the current production thrust washer with scallops to a plain thrust washer with holes in it.


This project was completed as part of a requirement for graduation with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Western Michigan University and the engineers claim no responsibility for any possible errors in the information contained in this report. Readers should use the report and its information at their own discretion. Due to the confidential nature of this report, the information contained in this report is a mere summary of the actual report. The abstract is included to give an overall sense of the problem and the proposed solution. Also, a table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, and list of symbols are shown to indicate the steps taken in analysis and the length of the report. This report should be used as an example of what is to be expected of future Lee Honors College engineering students.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only