Date of Defense

Summer 6-21-2002


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

Christine A. Byrd, Biological Sciences

Second Advisor

John Spitsbergen, Biological Sciences


zebra fish


Growth factor and growth factor receptor expression was tested in the olfactory systems of adult zebrafish using immunocytochemical techniques. Immunoreactivity in the olfactory bulbs was examined in control animals and animals deafferented by ablation of olfactory epithelium one-and 24-hours after deafferentation. This report provides evidence for the existence of FGF-2, BDNF, and GDNF and existence of the growth factor receptors FGFR-1 and Trk B-3. In addition this study lays the preliminary groundwork for evaluating any differences in the expression of growth factors and their receptors between normal and deafferented tissue in the adult zebrafish olfactory system. Research of this nature is intended to provide background for future studies concerned with the mechanistic aspects of growth factors and growth factor receptors with respect to their roles in nervous system trauma recovery.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only