Date of Defense




First Advisor

Paul Solomon

Second Advisor

Dr. Steve Lipkin


My work on this documentary could be viewed as beginning the day I was offered a job as Teaching Assistant for the class Direct Encounter with the Arts. Professor Paul Solomon hired me as his TA for the 2000-2001 school year. Three years later I am finishing my last semester at Western Michigan University and in the DE class. A major turning point for Paul and I was my acceptance into the Communications Department as a Broadcasting and Cable Production major. This opened the door to many opportunities for me in video and film, and the wheels began to turn. Under Paul's direction, I quickly built up one of our offices into an editing suite, complete with the latest digital video camcorder from Canon, and the newest edition of Apple's Final Cut Pro editing software. Realizing the extent of this project, I applied it towards an independent study under my communications professor, Steve Lipkin. Eventually it became my Honors Thesis, since it would serve well as a portfolio piece showcasing my skills in videography.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only