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I felt that my design process for this was more detailed and certainly more complete than on previous shows, but there is still much room for improvement which I will address later. I started with general images that represented the time period, characters or mood and narrowing it down. Some of the detail work I did in research included basing certain costumes off of patterns in existing books on historical garments (Janet Arnold) but I was disappointed that these choices were not used to their fullest advantage by the costume shop. After research, I began with small thumbnail sketches of each character (about 2 inches in height) to give the director an idea of the direction I was headed. In some cases I think this worked well, such as the changes we made to the female silhouette at this point, and in others I do not think the small sketch communicated enough, as in the posture and dress of Jacques and Touchstone since they got switched around after I moved to the larger drawings. The process of producing a large number of full sized renderings took too long and I need to shorten the process from starting sketches to finishing renderings.

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