Music Video Production: First Impression

Date of Defense




First Advisor

Dr. Stephen Zegree

Second Advisor

Dr. Steve Lipkin

Third Advisor

John Campos


This music video production project consisted of three phases. The first phase was to create an original composition and arrange it for a band and vocalist. "First Impression" is a song written by myself and Matt Giraud. I wrote all of the music and created the arrangement, while Matt wrote the lyrics. The recording and musical production made up phase two of the project. The entire project was tracked and mixed at Western Sound Studios. The instrumentation for the song consisted of drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, trumpet, saxophone, and trombone. All the musicians were Western Michigan University music majors. After tracking and mixing was complete, the song was sent off to a mastering facility in Chicago. The third and final phase was to create a video to accompany the music. The video involved shooting at three locations, the beach in South Haven, Wayside West in Kalamazoo, and Czars 505 night club in St. Joseph. After filming was completed the video editing process began. All the footage was transferred digitally to a computer and arranged into the final video. The last step in this phase was to create DVDs for distribution.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access

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