Date of Defense




First Advisor

Dr. C.J. Gianakaris

Second Advisor

Dr. Ellen H. Brinkley

Third Advisor

Dr. Scott Dykstra


I began writing my play, Between the Sand and the Sky, because of my extreme interest in the Giza plateau and ancient Egyptian history. I grew to include the human desire to search for truth, scientific truth, moral truth, emotional truth. And although in stories this truth always seems to leak out to heroes, heroines and others, I have a belief that truth is rarely uncovered. As I attempt to reveal in my play, truth, whatever it may be, is often swept away. Truth, to be honest, may be nothing more than a simple grain of sand, but because of the human ability to dream and desire, it seems so much heavier. And like gravity, that heavy grain of sand sucks in the dreamers while only angering those happy with their place in space. And as I argue in my play, those who refuse to budge may do whatever it takes to keep from being pushed.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only