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First Advisor

Greg D. Roehrick

Second Advisor

Matt A. Knewtson

Third Advisor

Kathryn Wagner


technical production, design


For my honors thesis, I wanted to present my entire portfolio of work from my time in the theatre department at Western Michigan University. In the theatre department, we are encouraged to create a portfolio of work during our four years, which will be essential in future job applications as well as in graduate school interviews. This sounded like the perfect concept for my honors thesis: I would create a portfolio of work that would serve me in all of my future endeavors. My preferred presentation setting was URTA, a week-long conference, in which graduate school representatives from various theatre programs across the country come to look at the work of applicants in the technical production and design field. At this conference, applicants are assigned their own table, which they set up in whatever manner they choose, but holds their entire portfolio of work. The representatives then go around to each table, choosing who to interview. From this conference, the representatives choose their ideal applicants and then proceed to offer a spot in their program, a scholarship or an assistantship, or all three. I attended URTA this winter. At URTA, I set up my table, displaying my two passions: props and scenic design. I had my portfolio at center, with my transcript and resume in front. On the right side, I showcased my props work, by including two framed images of two of my best pieces, as well as a binder from The Rocky Horror Picture Show showing my entire process as a props master. To the left of my portfolio were two framed images showing my design for Black Comedy as well as a small part of the model. This set up can be seen in the attached photo CD, which was taken at URTA. Out of URTA, I received an offer from Ohio University and Northern Illinois University, both offering an assistantship and scholarship -1 have decided on Ohio University. Due to the fact that URTA was in Chicago, I couldn't expect my committee members to see my presentation there. So, for my honors presentation, I set up a table in the exact manner that it was for URTA, and presented my portfolio and work as such. My portfolio forms the entire basis of my honors thesis, and I have included photos of each page on the attached photo CD.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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