Date of Defense

Summer 5-11-1989


Biological Sciences


Escherichia coli


When E. coli strain JM101 is grown in rich medium, a 50,000 Mr periplasmic protein (p50) accumulates to a level of 0.1% of total cell protein. When this strain is shifted to minimal medium, p50 accumulates to 10% of the total cell protein (5). Restriction enzyme maps of three lambda clones containing the region coding for p50 were constructed. The gene coding for p50, fpp, was subcloned from these lambda clones into the vector pUC18 such that fpp was transcribed from the lac promoter. In addition, the plasmid pCWBK containing a kanamycin resistance gene in the fpp coding region was constructed to be used later in interruption of the fpp gene in the chromosome. These plasmids will be used to compare JM101 with another E. coli strain, W3110, which shows the same pattern of p50 expression but at a 50 to 100-fold lower level (5).

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only