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Richard Malott

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Chase H. Callard

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Samantha Moberg


BRSS file system


The Behavioral Research Supervisory System (BRSS) is a subsystem of Dr. Malott’s Behavior Analysis Training System (BATS). There are currently 15 systems within BATS, BRSS is the supervisory system. The purpose of BRSS is to monitor the timely completion of students’ performance on various tasks related to his or her system. At the beginning of the semester, each student is given a CD that contains all of the materials that they will need. The CD contains materials from past semesters; therefore it is full of old, useless, and repetitive information. This caused a great deal of confusion for the students. It also caused BRSS to run inefficiently. For my thesis, I consolidated the BRSS file system.

I analyzed the natural contingencies and found that material had simply been added to the CD each semester because it takes an effortful response to go through and delete all of the old, useless, or repetitive information. Deleting only one file takes little effort at all, but does not make a big difference in the overall quality of the CD. I set up a performance management contingency. I was to organize the CD for one hour each week until the CD was completely organized. My supervisor was to check my work every week to ensure that I was staying on task. The intervention worked fairly well. We started meeting monthly and needed to recycle the intervention. We went back to having weekly meetings and the effectiveness of the intervention was restored.


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