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Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. David Lyth

Second Advisor

Dr. Liwana Bringelson


The goal of a local manufacturer of garment and craft patterns is to maximize its profits. To achieve this goal, several processes within the plant must work efficiently independently and in conjunction with each other. In doing so, some of the issues that must be addressed include maximizing efficiency, reducing downtime, simplifying process layouts, and combining processes to ultimately provide a quality product to the customer. The manufacturer is presently experiencing excessive downtime in the packaging area because of excessive material handling. The task of the project team was to work in conjunction with the manufacturer to analyze and evaluate several possible alternatives to the current layout. Factors that were considered include process layout, material handling requirements, quality issues and efficiency of the entire process. Over the past five months, the relevant data has been collected, the possible solutions formulated, and the appropriate recommendations have been presented to the company. A complete description of the problem solving procedure that was utilized is contained in the body of the report.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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Engineering Commons