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Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Liwana Bringelson

Second Advisor

Joseph Petro


Our senior design project entailed conducting an ergonomic analysis of Johnson Corporation. Over the past few years, the company has had a number of employees injure their back while working. The company requested that we analyze 13 areas of their manufacturing facility and present a formal report of our findings and recommendations.

The objective of the project was to analyze the handling and processing of products at Johnson Corporation and to make recommendations that will improve the ergonomic condition of the manufacturing process, and thus helping to reduce injuries. After conducting a lifting analysis and materials handling checklist, we were able to determine the departments that proposed the greatest risk to the worker. Those departments were testing, packaging, non-movable baskets, CNC, multi-spindle drills, small assembly, and waterjoint department. During this time we were also able to receive input from the employees. They stressed the need for better training and greater awareness on proper lifting techniques.

Our recommendations for Johnson is that they purchase new equipment for the departments deemed hazardous. The equipment recommended is a dual step ladder for the non-movable baskets area, and an ergonomics chair for the small assembly department. The remaining departments would benefit from the purchase of portable lifts, but in order to keep the costs low, we feel an ergonomics program which would train employees on proper lifting techniques would provide greater benefit. The training program would consist of an individual from Johnson Corporation receiving outside training on development and implementation of an ergonomics program within the company to meet OSHA guidelines.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only