Date of Defense



Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Jorge Rodriguez


Parametric Technology Corporation's Pro/Engineer software empowers designers with the flexibility of parametric design. This feature based parametric modeling package allows modification of a solid model by changing its dimensional parameters; however, incorrect modeling methodology may cause problems (Mechanical Design Automation for Design- Through-Manufacturing, 1994). Failures, of varying degree, occur when modified dimensions cause a conflict within the geometry of the model.

In answer to this problem, a tutorial package, emphasizing proper design methodology, has been developed. Nine tutorials were created and tested by professionals. Pro/E enabled creation of tutorials through the use of trail files. From this functionality, the project sought to identify proven techniques in the modeling process for capturing the Design Intent of mechanical systems, which demonstrated the need for proper model preparation.

The familiar components of a bicycle provided a basis for exploration, replacing abstract theory with tangible application. Operating on the premise that learning should impart a connection to real world applications; the bicycle became the medium through which the student gained an appreciation for the concept of Design Intent.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only