Date of Defense



Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Kailash Bafna

Second Advisor

Dr. Tycho K. Fredericks

Third Advisor

Dr. Steven E. Butt


This project encompassed the layout for the new building to house the College of Engineering at Western Michigan University (WMU). After several months of consideration, the decision to keep the new college in Kalamazoo was made. The new building will be located on the Lee Baker Farm site. This new location offers WMU the opportunity to enhance the engineering curriculum through the use of this new facility as well as the Technology Park. This project stressed the importance of working with WMU to design a layout from the student and faculty point of views. Student, faculty and Department Chair survey's were distributed to help gain insight and perspective on these views. This project also included analysis of the information obtained from faculty members and department chairs pertaining to laboratories, classrooms, and offices. Other spaces that had to be considered included restrooms, study rooms, break rooms, lounge space, cafeteria, resource library and computer labs. Engineering layout tools such as activity relationship charts (ARC) and nodal diagrams were utilized to develop a layout using computer aided design (CAD) software. The final layout was offered to Western Michigan University as a recommendation to be used at their discretion.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only