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Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering


The purpose of this project is to create a semi-automated model for production line scheduling for Denso. Currently at Denso, production line scheduling is being done without the aid of computer or software. This manual scheduling process usually takes about two to four hours at the beginning of every month. When creating this model, the attributes of the system had to be followed as well as certain constraints. These constraints exist due to equipment limitations and the model that was created had to accommodate them.

As a result, a semi-automated model was created based on a Microsoft Excel Workbook platform and it is able to perform the manual scheduling automatically based on the information that is entered by the user. This model was created by using different tools such as Linear Programming, Integer-Binary Programming, Frontline Systems Premium Solver, and Visual Basics for Applications (VBA).

The results obtained by the new model produced a more balanced production schedule and also reduced the amount of overtime needed for each production line as compared to the heuristic method that is currently being used.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only