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Finance and Commercial Law

First Advisor

Dr. Adrian Edwards

Second Advisor

Dr. David Burnie

Third Advisor

Dr. James D'Mello


Wall Street is full of many unusual characters. They appear frequently in the newspaper headlines, on the evening news, and now on the Internet. They are portrayed both as villains such as Michael Milken or Ivan Boesky and as heroes such as Warren Buffett or Martin Zwieg. While these people may seem very distant at times they really impact each one of us every day, whether or not we are aware of it. The companies we conduct our routine transactions with are financed through them, our retirement plans our dependent on them, and even our jobs rest on the success of those who make up the Wall Street crowd. These professionals all have one fundamental goal in mind - to make money in financial markets (usually by using other people's money). Not surprisingly, each Wall Streeter has his own idea of the "perfect investment strategy" if such a thing exists. Although these strategies vary considerably from one another their foundations can be traced to two basic investment theories: fundamental and technical analysis. From these basic theories come techniques ranging from the simple to the exotic.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access