Date of Defense



Finance and Commercial Law

First Advisor

Dr. James D'Mello

Second Advisor

Dr. Inayat Mangla

Third Advisor

Pamela McElroy


This project blends my studies in both business and foreign languages. In a sense, it is an international business case study and analysis. This directly relates to the program I have created for myself here at Western and reflects recent and ongoing political, social, and economic changes in the World, in Europe, and in Germany. The company I chose for my study is Deutsche Bank AG, one of the major banks in each of these three areas. To begin with, the macro-environmental section of this paper will look at general economic factors in the international environment. This will be followed by an analysis of events leading up to the European Community in 1992 and recent events in Eastern Europe, including how they affect business in Europe. This section will also contain a commentary on the German economy and prospects for a unified Federal Republic of Germany. Secondly, I will look at the German banking industry as it is today and where it is going. This will involve comparing strengths and weakness, threats and opportunities, and competition from domestic, EC, and non-EC banks. The major players, innovations, and changes will also be topics in this section of the paper. Lastly, I will look at Deutsche Bank itself where an analysis of financial condition, plans, goals, threats, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses will be discussed. At the end of my paper I will prepare a summary of my findings as well as a conclusive analysis of the firm and its prospects for the future.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only