Date of Defense



Finance and Commercial Law

First Advisor

Dr. James DeMello

Second Advisor

Dr. Christopher Korth


My thesis explains the fundamentals behind Value Investing and in my opinion, what is the best way to achieve the highest returns through investing. I explain the different portfolio management methods that I deem to be the best technique to get the greatest results. In addition to individual equities, I took a look at the market as a whole and the different conditions that lead to favorable investment opportunities in various markets. I also detail the investment philosophies of the greatest value investor in the world, Warren Buffett, and his teacher Benjamin Graham. I explain the qualities and investment tenets that these men have set in order for a business to be labeled as a good investment and have money allocated to it. Warren Buffett's approach to picking stocks has changed very little over the past twenty years. He thinks about the company, management, financials and the asking price—in that order. That is the order I took when looking for a company for my research.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only