Date of Defense




First Advisor

Dr. Helweg Arthur

Second Advisor

Carol Bennett


Being an African student in the United States of America, I wanted to choose a topic that will link both of my African and American experiences. Globalization has been in my mind for many years, because in high school we had a presentation on its benefits. It seemed to me, at that time that the whole world will gain from it. After more than ten years, Africa is still not the "star" it should be. Poverty is still part of many people's lives and by traveling I get to see the discrepancies in development, in health, and in education throughout the world. By writing this paper, I want to show that globalization can help Africans for a better future; however it is crucial to institute some reforms, such as emphasizing peace-building, education and the role of youth in decisions that affect their future. After a few adjustments, I desperately want to see "Mother Africa" in a better shape, in which all Africans will enjoy what we have always fought for: a sustainable development in a peaceful environment.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only