Date of Defense




First Advisor

Dr. Sybil Rhodes

Second Advisor

Dr. Kevin Corder

Third Advisor

Dr. Pablo-Perez


Buenos Aires, Argentina is a city once admired for its world re-renowned public university and private colleges recruiting top-of-the-line professors. Today, however, these institutions are under duress due to a refusal by either government or business to view higher education as an investment in human capital. These circumstances have led to a decline in university standards and education, increasing student cynicism as to the value and purpose of a university degree. A survey was administered to one hundred currently enrolled or recently graduated college students in Buenos Aires asking them if they like or dislike their university and if they are optimistic about finding a good job in Argentina as a result of their advanced education. Although crowded classrooms, run-down facilities, and poor quality of teaching are the main complaints, the survey showed university youth here are optimistic they will secure fulltime, good paying employment in Argentina related to what they studied, with this feeling the strongest amongst students attending public universities over the private colleges.


Fourth Advisor: Dr. James Biles

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only