Date of Defense

Spring 4-1972


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

Jean Lawrence

Second Advisor

John Josten

Third Advisor

Jochanan Stenesh


Lipid is associated with all of the major serum protein fractions of both the mallard duck and man. however, whereas the ρ lipoproteins predominate in man with little lipo-albumin evident, according to available literature, in ducks the lipo-albumin constitutes more than half of the serum lipoproteins, and a substantial lipo-prealbumin fraction is evident. Most studies of lipo-proteins are carried out on human serum primarily for the purpose of diagnosis of abnormalities. The stress response in many animals includes a rise in serum α-globulin levels, but its physiological basis is still speculative. While a consideration of the changes in lipoprotein distribution in stressed sucks was not possible since the ducks were not stressed by the conditions imposed upon them, consistent, nonstressed lipoprotein patterns were obtained and should provide a good basis for further work.


Research aided by: Jack Wood, Deward Walker, Wilbur Johnson, and Adelberto Adan.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access