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First Advisor

Dr. Jorge Febles

Second Advisor

Dr. Robert Landeros

Third Advisor

Marion Boyer


This study is being done to advance the understanding of the important role that culture plays in the successful operation of a business. It is very limited in its scope, using only one company, Kellogg, as a case study. Kellogg's headquarters is located in Battle Creek, Michigan in the country of origin, the U.S.A., and the subsidiary is located in Queretaro, Mexico. A comparison of the American and Mexican cultures and a description of the corporate culture through the stated philosophy and values of the company will form the first part of this paper. A practical application is presented by comparing the procurement process here and in Mexico. A survey of some Kellogg employees who have lived and worked in both Battle Creek and Queretaro should add some further insights and will illustrate some of the challenges that a global company faces. Nancy Adler, author of several books on culture and business, states that in a global marketplace "culture becomes critically important... the ability to manage cross-cultural interaction, multinational teams, and global alliances become fundamental" (10). The question is not the importance of culture in the workplace, but when and how to be culturally sensitive. It is important in product design and marketing, but it is critical in the management of people in the various cultures (Adler 6).

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only