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Ecuador is a country of contrasts. It is amazing that this small nation (10^,506 square miles, or roughly the size of Ohio) lying upon the equator can hold such a vast array of people, land forms, customs and attitudes as it does. Ecuador's land alone ranges from steamy tropical jungles to cool, sleepy mountains to a hot, bustling coast. In the mountains, the temperature can go from 80* F. to 40' F. in one day. Its population is just as diverse—5% black, 10% white, 40% Indian, and k$% mestizo, or p white/Indian mixed. Inhabitants range from primitive, isolated, and usually poverty-stricken Indian tribes to sophisticated, world-traveled, white millionaires, and beggars are seen outside the gates of luxuriant homes. The Roman Catholic Church contributes its share of Ecuador's contrasts. For example, while 91% of the country's inhabitants have been baptized into Catholicism, perhaps only half of them 3 actively practice their faith. Even so, almost all Ecuadorians automatically consider themselves Catholic and may even become offended if challenged on that point.

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