Date of Defense


Date of Graduation



Foreign Languages (to 2012)

First Advisor

Jennifer Palthe, Management

Second Advisor

Peter W. Krawutschke


Non-profit organizations, cross-cultural experience


Through my voluntary service in the non-profit sector I have been given the opportunity to experience the benefits that non-profit organizations provide and their missions and strategies to go about fulfilling them. In the course of completing my 6-month internship abroad and as founder of the German Club at WMU, these experiences have sparked my interests in non-profit organizational and success factors. Personal experience is the key to understanding and being able to accurately analyze a situation. Thus I will be using the two non-profit organizations to aid in the understanding of non-profit organizations and their counterparts, for-profit businesses. My experiences have created many opinions and critiques of the non-profit sector that have also been supported through further research. In this essay I will propose some changes that can lead to a more efficient and effective non-profit organization. This essay is intended to aid leaders and managers in navigating into the future of non-profits and non-profit leadership

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access