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William G. Rantz

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Willem Homan


Airline merger


Over the years, the airline industry has been shaped by many events: economic recession, security concerns, but mainly the immense amount competition that has developed. This competition has been amplified by the addition of mergers among airlines. Mergers can be deemed successful when the newly formed company has increased financial strength, market share and economies of scale. These three components are essential to the growth of every company and will continue to be important regardless of its size. Analyzing how a merger affects a business is vital for determining the necessity of the business move. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages that result from the conglomeration of two or more airlines. Consumers and employees of the airlines involved are the focus and how they will be impacted both positively and negatively when executives decide to merge. These aspects are then thoroughly examined by analyzing various mergers that have taken place, are still in the process and ones that will occur in the near future. The ways in which these airlines have succeeded and failed in their decision-making allows critics to understand how this merger has affected their initial vision for the company.


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