Date of Defense

Spring 4-21-1993


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

David Cowan, Biological Sciences

Second Advisor

Richard Brewer, Biological Sciences

Third Advisor

Joseph Engemann, Biological Sciences




Forensic entomology is important in criminal investigations. Much emphasis is placed on the order of invertebrate succession in carrion. There is a dearth, however, of scientific information on invertebrates associated with aquatic carrion. Also, the successional patterns, if any, are not currently understood. Eight fetal pigs, Sus scrofa, were placed in a freshwater pond. The eight pigs were placed at a depth of about 0.75 m on 6 February 1993. One pig was removed weekly and analyzed for decomposition status and associated with macroinvertebrates. Although some successional pattern was expected, it was not observed. Also, there were no stereotypical associates discovered with the carrion. More research in this area is needed.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only