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Kathleen Sinning

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Barbara Sagara, Business Information Systems


National lottery, dot-gov websites, advertising


This paper was written to inform the reader of two viable options for the United States government to raise money that is not an explicit tax. The paper will investigate opportunities to raise revenue to decrease federal debt and fund programs that are currently being funded by tax revenue. The first idea in part one is a national lottery that the federal government could implement. I discuss the possible positive and negative outcomes of a national lottery and use the UK national lottery as an example. Part two will explore allowing the sale of advertising space on dot-gov websites. It will also provide the positive and negative outcomes and use an example in the advertising on the Washington State Ferries website. I cited multiple sources in the style of APA Fifth Edition and include the US Census Bureau, Wall Street Journal, American Psychological Association, the Washington State Department of Transportation, and many others. I believe that I used appropriate and credible sources because they are from respected organizations and often included their own citations within the article. The goal of my papers is to explore two non-tax options of raising revenue for the US government, which are a national lottery and allowing advertising on dot-gov websites. I hope to clarify each aspect of the ideas and give the readers enough information to create an informed opinion.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access