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Finance and Commercial Law

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Tim Scheu

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Judy Swisher


International, real estate


Homeownership rates vary widely from one country to another. The goal of this paper is to examine several influences that play a factor in influencing homeownership rates and attempt to draw conclusions as to what degree each one plays a role. The financial obligation homeownership requires is key in making the decision to buy a home. The influences being considered in this case are property tax, the presence of government subsidies on mortgage payments, price of purchasing a home, value added tax, value appreciation, loan to value ratio, and interest rates. The amount of extra costs all of these factors levy on homeowners are a major influence on the decision to buy a home or simply rent. The way the government chooses to regulate and assist in these costs also has a significant impact. In some countries with all being considered the more financially reasonable option is to rent a home and as a result lower ownership rates are reflected. In this study the countries compared were Spain with an abnormally high ownership rate, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany with the lowest ownership rate of the four. There are distinct similarities in these factors in countries where ownership rates are also at similar levels.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted