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Biological Sciences


The current study, lectins were used as genetic probes to determine the phenotype of the sperm from different strains of mice. Lectins are proteins of non-immune origin, which bind to specific carbohydrates (McCoy, 1986). Being that virtually all cell membranes contain carbohydrate components, lectins have been used to identify all types of cells. In this study, a biotinylated lectin Concavalian A (Con A) derived from Canavalia ensiformis, was used and binding was detected using an avidin-biotin peroxidase (ABP) complex technique. The object of the current research was to 1) determine if mouse strain differences have an effect on lectin binding, 2) to investigate the pattern of inheritance of lectin binding, and 3) develop a staining method detectable by the image analyzer. It was hoped that strain differences in lectin binding could be identified and that its mode of inheritance discovered.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access