Graduating Presentation: Incite, in Mind

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Carolyn Pavlik

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Whitney Moncrief


Dance recital


As the culmination of my four years in the Western Michigan University Department of Dance, my thesis project involved creating an original work, as well as assisting in the development of a Dance Concert. The outcome was the Department of Dance Graduating Presentation: Incite, In Mind. This concert featured new works by the five 2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts seniors, one of which was my own piece entitled Dual Disposition. The piece explores the negative and positive reactions one can have on any given situation in life. It attempts to convey feelings of isolation, suffocation, and disagreement within the first section, while highlighting more positive feelings such as unity, support, collaboration, and compromise in the second section. Two pieces of music were used to represent the different sections, Octobre for the first, and Ashes for the second, both composed by Yann Tiersen. Beyond my choreographic duties, I was also responsible for the final budget of the concert. This required me to use my organizational and math skills in order to keep the finances of the concert accurate. Overall this experience was a trying, yet successful, endeavor. I now feel more competent in the areas of choreography and budgeting, and have a realistic idea of the amount of time, work, and money that goes into producing a concert. This invaluable knowledge will undoubtedly prepare for similar situations in the future.


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