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Nancy Eimers

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Elizabeth A. Bradburn

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Thomas Bailey, Environmental Studies




My Honors Senior Thesis is centered around the art of Erasure poetics. My definition of Erasure is most concisely stated as: a process of simultaneous poetic addition and subtraction to preexisting text, which results in a product whose creation process ultimately echoes the same revision process that human beings undergo; a process by which a new and beautiful truth is both created and uncovered in a paradoxical manner. I initially endeavored to complete a simple erasure of a collection of short stories by Agatha Christie called Witnessfor the Prosecution; but was soon so inspired that I ended up creating four different project centered around erasure and 3-D poetic forms. The four projects built upon each other and also serve to represent my own creative process as well as each year of growth I underwent during my undergraduate career.

Piece 1: 'Witness for the Prosecution' - Freshman Year -altered copy of Agatha Christies' collection of short crime stories- Dell publishers, 1956

A classic interpretation of erasure.

Piece 2: 'The Anatomy Lesson' - Sophomore Year -Combination of mystery art-book about Ruebens (pages were given to me randomly) and a found 'Dodging and Burning' tool.

Using erasure as an interactive reinvention poetic structure

Piece 3: 'Everything Head' —Intoxication with Knowledge —Junior Year -Styrofoam hat manikin and text from Kateri of the Mohawks- by Marie Cecilia Buehrle. Extra addition cut-out from Favorite Selected Songs, pub. 1952.

Abandons accessible form in an excess of creative impulse, exemplifies unfinished and unstructured creativity and revision.

Piece 4: 'Bones' — Back to Basics

-Found animal (presumably deer) bones covered in text from I am a Barbarian, by

Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The 'Bones' physically represent the process of revealing the structure of creativity, language and poetry.

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