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Jessica Frieder

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Shawn Quigley


FMEDS, Precision Teaching, fluency


Precision Teaching is an instructional evaluation technique used by educators to ensure that targeted skills are being achieved by learners (Moran & Malott, 2004). Say all fast a minute each day shuffled (SAFMEDS) is a specific PT influenced instructional strategy intended to develop fluency within timed trials (Eshleman, 2000). However, there is little empirical research related to the proposed effects of SAFMEDS. A recent study by Meindl and colleagues (in press) demonstrated the position of the text on SAFMEDS affected fluency. Results of this study suggest extraneous variables affect responding indicating a possible stimulus control issue. However, there were methodological concerns with the study that limit its interpretation. As such, the current article will focus on replication and extension of this study. Specifically, does the text type (i.e., handwritten versus printed) on the SAFMEDS cards affect fluency?

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Honors Thesis-Open Access