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First Advisor

Heather Addison

Second Advisor

Wade Cutler

Third Advisor

Nicholas Andreadis


Evolution is an examination of the aesthetics of consumer motion picture capture formats. The project does this through the production of a music video using a 16mm film camera, a super 8mm film camera, and a VHS camcorder. There is conscious effort given to capture the look of each format via period appropriate set dressing, costumes, and the lighting setups for each segment. This project determined that ease of use and cost efficiency always outweigh image quality when new formats are presented. More importantly it determined that these two factors, cost and ease of use, determine the craft used when capturing on the format. The more expensive and difficult to use the format, the more attention was paid to traditional craft in production using this format. The continuum from most to least expensive and least to most easy to use went in order of invention: 16mm, super 8mm, VHS. The effect of these factors on production was apparent on this project even before the determination of their effects was made. One was bound to be more careful, move less, and be less experimental with the earlier formats. The final conclusion was then reached that the easier a format is to use and easier to operate, the more readily it will be adopted and the less traditional craft will be used.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted

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