Date of Defense

Summer 5-24-2012

Date of Graduation

Spring 4-28-2012



First Advisor

Jerry Kreuze, Accountancy

Second Advisor

Kathy L. Leitke, Athletics

Third Advisor

Jamie E. Spitale, Athletics


Financial Records


The major purpose of this thesis is to create new documents, charts, and forms to better organize the financial, recruiting, and travel information for the Western Michigan University (WMU) softball team. The three forms created include a hotel log, recruiting log, and budget form. Each form is essential for recording events and should enhance the efficiency and ease of recordkeeping. The forms will also help with organizing different files and information. The creation of a hotel log will help plan softball trips and provide a history of well-liked hotels with reasonable prices in locations convenient to the playing fields. The recruit log allows the coaches to keep all of the required recruit information along with space to fill in specific times of contact and if there is/or will be an offer in the near future. The budget form is a blank form to be completed each year with the budget for travel, hotels, meals, along with other necessary expenses. This form will help in comparing actual costs with the estimated budget, allowing a more efficient allocation of limited resources. The forms will benefit the WMU Softball team, by allowing easier filing of information, organizing a wide variety of important information, and making large tasks more efficient for the coaching staff.


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Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access

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Accounting Commons