Date of Defense

Spring 4-17-2012

Date of Graduation

Spring 4-28-2012


Computer Science

First Advisor

John Kapenga, Computer Science

Second Advisor

Mark Kerstetter, Computer Science

Third Advisor

Donna Kaminski, Computer Science


iPhone, WMU mobile


As part of Western Michigan University's College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the department of Computer Science requires that each undergraduate completes a senior design capstone project. The Lee Honors College allows the senior design project to fulfill the senior honors thesis requirement. In Computer Science, a senior design project can be a website, a desktop program, or in the case of WMU Mobile 2.0, a mobile application. Building on the work of the previous year's team, the app extends the functionality of WMU Mobile for iPhone. WMU Mobile 2.0 provides smooth support for the iPad, a redesigned visual interface, and several tweaks to exisitng features. The app's primary stakeholder, WMU Strategic Enrollment Management, hopes that this large student project will attract the attention of prospective students and their families. Additionally, the app provides useful services to current students -- for instance, the app provides links to menus for the dining halls as well as a bus GPS locator. This mobile application provides a contemporary, digital way for WMU's administration to interact with its students. WMU Mobile 2.0 fulfills the requirements for both the Senior Design project and the Honors Thesis.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access