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Physical inactivity is a major issue for college-aged students. The purpose of this study is to explore the use of text messages as an intervention to increase physical activity in students who attend classes at the College of Health and Human Services. Physical activity is bodily movement that requires the expenditure of energy (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011a). A quasi-experimental study using a convenience sample was conducted in order to answer the research question. Students (n=134) were recruited from the College of Health and Human Services and were asked to fill out a demographics questionnaire and sign an informed consent. Text messages were sent to all participants at 9 PM reminding them to send in their number of steps. Additional motivational text messages were sent to those in the intervention group at 4 PM starting on day three of the study. After the two week study, the data was analyzed, and it was found that there was no significant difference in the number of steps at the beginning of the study and the end of the study for either group. Using a study that was longer in length with more accurate pedometers may yield better results for future studies.


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