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Social Work

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Richard Grinnell

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Yvonne Unrau

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Roxana Duntley-Matos


laubach method, adult literacy, TABE, adult tutoring program, mixed-method design


Purpose: The results of this study will examine the effectiveness of the Adult Tutoring Program in increasing adult reading levels within the population served by the Kalamazoo Literacy Council (KLC). Method: The data in this study will be collected using a quantitative design comparing the reading levels of subjects who participated in the Adult Tutoring Program to those who dropped out of Program. The researcher will collect subjects' reading levels using the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE), and will compare subjects' previously reading levels (collected between 13 weeks and two years prior to implementation of this study) to their current reading levels. Projected Results: Subjects who participated in the Adult Tutoring Program will show increased reading levels of at least one Grade Level Expectation (GLE) after at least 13 weeks in the Program. Implications of Projected Results: The results of this study will suggest the Adult Tutoring Program's effectiveness as revealed by an increase in the reading levels those who dropped out over time. The final report will also examine subjects' gender, age and race/ethnicity as they correlate to their reading level gains over time. This data will assist future research that attempts to explore the level of gaps and barriers to literacy for minority and disadvantaged groups.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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