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Martha Councell-Vargas

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Michael Miller


This recital features music from a variety of periods ranging from the baroque into the modem. With pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, Niccolo Paganini, Franz Schubert, and Michael Colquhoun, the recital includes an estimated 45 minutes of music. Michael Colquhoun wrote the first piece, Charanga, for solo flute in 1993. The piece uses extended flute techniques such as spit tonguing, mulitphonics, glissandi, singing and playing, and extremes of timbre and dynamic. The piece was written as a . commission by the National Flute Association and is, in the words of the composer, "A cubist's portrait of a Charanga". The piece breaks up, analyzes, and reassembles a Charanga into an abstract piece that juxtaposes, on one instrument, the features of both percussion and solo flute sections. J.S. Bach composed the Sonata in B minor between 1736 and 1737 while in Leipzig. The piece is in three movements: Andante, Largo e Dolce, and Presto. The first movement uses many thematic elements that are passed between the flute and piano. The second movement treats the flute as more of a soloist with a spinning melodic line. The final movement beings with a fugue-like presto and concludes with a contrasting 12/16. Niccolo Paganini composed Caprice Number 24 in A minor for violin between 1802 and 1817. The piece is a theme and variation that uses many different techniques that test a violin player's technical abilities. The last in a series of 24 etudes, this piece is Paganini's most well known. Franz Schubert composed the Introduction and Variations on "Trockne Blumen" three months after the song cycle from which this piece was taken. Beginning with an introduction that suggests thematic material, Schubert introduces the theme from the original leider and, after the thematic material is presented in whole, moves on to the variations. The variations feature technical and music juxtapositions between the flute and piano and test both musicians' abilities to the highest degree.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted