Date of Defense


Date of Graduation



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Bradley Bazuin

Second Advisor

Paul Hoekstra

Third Advisor

Damon Miller


Precise motion and tracking of medical equipment during surgical procedures is a fundamental concern for Stryker navigational camera systems. Before shipment and delivery, every system must be tested and calibrated for performance and accuracy. The current method uses one of the few available coordinate measuring machines that are very costly and take significant time to sequentially move to appropriate locations enabling accurate measurements. The new calibration system developed uses an alternate method. A three-dimensional array of precisely positioned infrared LEDs are excited one at a time by the calibration system in coordination with the camera system so that accurate location and distance calibration can be performed quickly and efficiently. This problem is solved by using a Tracker PCB, Transceiver PCB, and software QUI created by the design team to complete these requirements as defined by the design team and team sponsor. Developmental tests were executed during the design process to verify individually designed modules and circuits work appropriately. Once all system components were designed and fabricated circuits populated, system testing was performed to verify appropriate functionality of the complete design. The system has been tested to work as required; however, a few specifications exist that have not yet been met. These specifications deal primarily with the LED array which will be implemented be engineers at Stryker when the three dimensional LED array is constructed.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted