Date of Defense


Date of Graduation




First Advisor

Delores Gauthier

Second Advisor

Vincent Yi

Third Advisor

Christina Gorter


I have always strongly believed that text truly drives vocal music compositions. With this mindset and my creative writing interests, I decided to create an honors thesis recital that used my own writings to depict my life journey through music. Taking nine of my own poems, I commissioned nine wonderful students from the School of Music at Western Michigan University to set them to music. The purpose of choosing nine different composers who only had the poem as inspiration, was to bring a alternative interpretation into the picture, and bring the poem to life in a new light.

Not only did I get to sing the works of talented friends and colleagues, but I was also able to invite many wonderful musicians to perform. This was a truly gratifying experience for me, as I was able to share my journey through the years I spent in college with everyone in the room through the beauty of music driven by text. I presented a packet of program notes that included the poem (in its original form), an explanation of the poem, notes from the composer, and a glossary of poetic terms. This honors thesis is something that makes me incredibly proud, as the journey through the text juxtaposed with the journey of organizing the event creates a presentation evoking emotional satisfaction for myself, and I hope the listener as well.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted