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First Advisor

Jennifer Palthe

Second Advisor

Richard Oxhandler


This research starts by examining some men who have achieved great success in both business and sailing. Looking at the skills and competencies that set these men apart from their competition. The research shows how leaders in both situations organize teams, motivate, and build trust among their individual team members. While gaining an understanding of the value of using a Kaizen approach to leadership in order to promote an atmosphere of continuous improvement and open communication. The research also examines how successful leaders in both business and sailing monitor and react to the external environment, consistently working to manage risk, in order to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage in both good times during crisis. The research has shown that while there is no one set of skills that allows a leader success, instead a group of skills and attributes that need to be practiced and honed and applied to each individual situation. It is also important to recognize that sailing and business offer great competitive environments for those wishing to challenge and hone these team building and competitive skills. While at the same time experiencing the world in a way few are able to.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access