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First Advisor

Ann Veeck

Second Advisor

John Weitzel

Third Advisor

Shelly Tansley


Rally Public Relations is a new public relations start-up firm that will build relationships with the youth-centered non-profits of Chicago focusing on keeping children active in sport and health. Currently, the start up has seen growth due to local awards, word-of-mouth strategies, and other direct marketing elements. Rally PR would like to set up an efficient and effective marketing plan to sustain competitive advantages and increase the company’s revenues.

The marketing plan will consist of examining the external environment to measure the demographic, geographic, social, economic, and legal and political elements that will directly affect Rally’s business (Wood, 2005). Rally then presents a profile analysis of three major pubic relations agencies to provide examples of related public relation firms and highlight their strengths and core competencies. Specifically, the Leverage Agency, Fearnhurst PR and KemperLesnik are highlighted as exemplar firms. A SWOT analysis has also been conducted to help direct Rally PR toward meeting all of their marketing goals and accomplishing their overall mission of being a leading authority in the non-profit, athletic community aimed towards children.

Rally’s business plan will be developed with the aim of reaching the exact target market, positioning the small business, and effectively executing the marketing objectives. Specific details related to the product, pricing, place and promotion for Rally PR will be communicated later on. This cause-related marketing business will set the stage for success with a first mover advantage of being a more focused public relations company that is directed toward non-profits only (Bajic, 2012). Further, within the marketing plan, Rally PR will conduct a break-even analysis and sales forecast to determine the profitability of the company in the greater Chicago metropolitan area.


Powerpoint accompanying.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted